Which of the Mercedes-AMG GT Range will land in Australia 


Australia has been given the green light for the 384kW AMG GT S coupe, 410kW AMG GT C coupe and cabrio, and the ballistic 430kW AMG GT R coupe range-topper.
The GT range that is set to ship to Australia has been given a well-judged reworking for 2019. Greater athleticism, more aggressive styling and a better-quality, more feature-rich interior to bring it in line with the four-door extension to the GT line were the goals, and at least two of them have been achieved.
The GT is the second true AMG car from the Mercedes-Benz sub-brand and first landed in Australia in 2015.
It follows the Benz SLS Gullwing, but was developed from the start at Mercedes-AMG headquarters in Affalterbach, Germany as the companies own, sharply focussed and motorsport-inspired, two-seater hero car.
The four-door GT was added to the line-up earlier this year, previewing at the Bathurst 12-Hour race, and is a definite Down Under.
“Now we have the four-door coupe we wanted to bring all the elements together. The headlamps, with the DRs, you can clearly see the two-door and four-door belong together,” Schopp tells Carsales.
“We wanted some exterior updates, but changes were in the interior. We have a fully-integrated digital dashboard with new switches in the centre console, like the four-door,” he added.
The digital instrument display is bigger and clearer, with three ’theme’ choices, and the central console is cleaned up with switches that are bigger and easier to use.
“It is a more flexible adjustment of the stability control, which includes the torque you can put on the rear wheels. It now has specific settings for each driving program. Every step is different. In Comfort you have got a very stable car, a very comfortable car, and then in Sport Plus and Race it is very direct.”
Under the bonnet remains the unchanged AMG 4.0-litre hot-vee twin turbo V8. The transmission is a twin-clutch transaxle with drive resolute rear-only. Unlike the GT 4 Door, the AMG GT’s structure is bespoke and not shared with any other Mercedes-Benz model.
“The biggest focus is on aerodynamics and suspension. Everything together means we shave off 7sec compared to the GT R on the Nordschlieffe,” he says.
There is also a bolt-in rollcage (a no-cost option) and four-point racing harness in a package that’s equivalent to that offered on the Porsche GT3 RS.
On the suspension system, there are easily-adjustable dampers at each corner and super-sticky Michelin tyres on forged alloys, as well as carbon-ceramic brakes. Then there is the electronic package, which puts more emphasis on the track-focussed stability and traction control.
Specifications of 2020 Mercedes-AMG GT
Engine: 4.0-litre eight-cylinder twin-turbo-petrol
Output: 350-430kW/680Nm
Transmission: Seven-speed dual-clutch
Fuel: 11.5L/100km (ADR Combined)
CO2: 261g/km (ADR Combined)
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