Mercedes-Benz GLS 2019


Mercedes-Benz pitched the GLS as “the S-Class of SUVs”, a seven-seat, all-weather version of its flagship limousine.
Bigger than before, the new GLS benefits from a 60mm wheelbase extension intended to make life more comfortable in the back seats. Like the S-Class, the GLS pays special attention to those seated behind the driver, in this case placing them in control of key features with a 7-inch Android tablet tasked with taming its five-zone climate control, heated massaging seats, along with entertainment features including a web browser, radio, TV and Mercedes’ MBUX electronic suite.
The new model has more cargo space when the third row seats are stowed and the second row now folds flat to create a massive 2400 litres in storage capacity. Mercedes claims the third row can even fit tall adults up to 194cm in height and legroom in all three rows has improved.
All three rows of seats also have heating and USB charge ports to end arguments and prolong screen time. Top end models have five-zone air conditioning, including climate control for the third row. The multi beam headlights are the “brightest permitted by law”, with a total of 112 LEDs per headlamp. Mercedes claims the brightness of the main beam headlights only fall below one lux after a distance of more than 650 metres.
Despite the car’s increased dimensions, a revised exterior design has resulted in a lower drag-coefficient of 0.32 (was 0.35), an exceptional number for such a large vehicle.
Petrol Engine choices for this GLS range from an in-line six and a V8, with the GLS 580 4Matic introducing an electrified V8 with 48-volt on-board electrical system and integrated starter-generator delivering 360kW/700.
Of course there is also the turbo-diesel option if consumers wish, that are also powered by a straight 6 cylinder. All variants feature a nine-speed automatic transmission, with drive going to all four wheels via the brand’s 4Matic all-wheel drive system. A full transfer case for hardcore off-road driving is available as an option.
The new GLS is equipped with Benz’s latest suite of active safety tech as well air suspension, ‘E-Active’ body control and ‘Road Surface Scan’, which uses a stereo multi-purpose camera to scan the road surface so the suspension can prepare for irregularities in advance.
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