Mercedes-AMG GT C coupe review 2019


Mercedes-AMG’s face lifted range of twin-turbo V8-powered two-seaters is topped by the furiously fast GT models. With a 350kW Mercedes-AMG 4.0-litre engine beneath its long bonnet, the rear-wheel drive GT is a car with series power. “All the demand was for the GT R, GT C and the S,” says Mercedes-Benz Australia spokesman Jerry Stimuli’s, referring to more powerful and more costly versions of the sports car.
With few Australian customers prepared to prioritise price over power, the plain GT accounted for approximately 500 or so sold to date in Australia.
So the face-lifted line-up, due to arrive in Australia in August, will comprise the 384kW GT S Coupe, 410kW GT C Coupe and Roadster, and the 430kW GT R.
The car’s maximum outputs are no increase from the GT range on sale right now. Instead of adding power, Mercedes-AMG has modernised the interior and fine-tuned its extensive array of electronic driver functions.
Inside, the updated GT adopts the same look and tech as the larger Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe. This includes a completely new V-shaped centre console, just in case the driver ever forgets the cylinder layout of the car’s engine. Even though the growls, barks and bellows from the exhausts couldn’t be mistaken for any other engine.
Also new for the two-door GT are its standard digital instrument cluster with choice of Classic, Sporty or Supersport display styles, and a slicker-than-before central multimedia screen.
The buttons in the console use the same tech used in larger screens to display ‘easy to understand’ symbols and status information.
This new generation is also complete with a flat-bottom steering wheel from AMG with round dial and display beneath the right spoke and two switches, plus display, beneath the left spoke.
Outside, facelift changes to the GT include new LED headlights and tail-lamps, redesigned exhaust outlets and new rear bumper and diffuser.
None of the updates change the character of the GT. It remains loud, fast and fun to drive, despite being a very wide and quite heavy piece of high-performance hardware.
It has the same wide-tracked rear-wheel-steering axle as the GT R, for improved cornering agility. And its engine brings a worthwhile power increase over the GT S.
Mercedes-Benz GT C Coupe
Engine: 4.0-litre V8 twin-turbo, 410kW/680Nm
Thirst: 12.4L/100km
0-100km/h: 3.7 secs
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