AMG GT 63 S + BOLT ONS + TUNE = A Whopping 800hp


A German high performance auto shop Brabus has taken the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4-Door Coupe and fitted it with their 800″ package. This means a comprehensive tuning job, inside and out, and a power level that exceeds that of most supercars today.
The Germany company, which specialises in upgrading Mercedes vehicles, has fitted two newly-designed turbochargers to the 4.0-liter V8. They have also recalibrated the ECU, and the result is spectacular 588 kW / 789 hp and 1,000 Nm of torque.
Compared to the stock GT 63 S 158 hp / 118 kW and 100 Nm of torque more powerful. It sprints to 100 km/h in 0.3 seconds faster, in just 2.9 seconds, whereas top speed remains electronically limited to 315 km/h.
Optimizing the power delivery and improving the soundtrack is the stainless steel exhaust system that features active flaps and titanium/carbon 3.5 inch tailpipes, and can be operated in two modes: Sport (LOUD) and Coming Home (Normal).
The tuned AMG GT 63 S features new naked-carbon components, optimized in the wind tunnel, which stabilize the car furthermore at high speeds. They’re available in high-gloss or matte coating and include the apron and attachments for the larger air intakes in the bumper at the front, as well as the diffuser insert side panels at the back.
Contributing to the more menacing look are the 10x5x21-inch front and 12×22-inch rear wheels, wrapped in 275/35 and 335/25 high-performance tires, respectively, from Pirelli, Continental or Yokohama. These have been designed to fill the wheel arches with the plug-and-play module adapted to the air suspension, which lowers the ride height by 25 mm 1 inch.
A selection of leather, as well as precious-wood or genuine-carbon inlays in different colours and specifications, transforms the way the cabin looks. The car pictured in the Gallery sports perforated black leather and white elements with decorative topstitching, as well as Alcantara inserts. Rounding up the list of changes are the stainless steel scuff plates, backlit with the tuner’s logo, aluminium door pins, pedals and paddle shifter.
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