Check Out Jph Urban’s New Mercedes-Benz X-Class


Joe Hanna recently picked up his X-Class V6 Edition 1 Ute from us at Tynan Mercedes-Benz, with custom detailing to create the ultimate workhorse for this busy builder. We checked in with Joe to see how he is traveling with his new Ute and to see what features he loves the most.
Joe says, “as a builder, my job requires me to get from site to site and the Mercedes X-Class gives me the confidence to deal with whatever unexpected issue may arise, when my day switches to dad mode I need the safety, space, and comfort to accommodates to my family and give us an enjoyable experience together”. 
The Mercedes-Benz X-Class is a Ute that is perfect car for whatever life may throw at you, which Joe agrees with stating, “the drive feels smooth and effortless, switching from Comfort mode in the busy CBD traffic to Sports mode on the highways, I always have a sense it was a vehicle tailored to whatever situation I’m in”.
As for parking this workhorse, Joe explains that “parking is a breeze and with the 360-degree cameras I always feel totally in control and aware of what is happening around me”.
But most importantly Joe confirms that the X-class Ute is a cut above the rest, “as it lets me achieve everything I need to with a luxury I haven’t experienced in other Utes”.
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