2019 Mercedes-AMG GT4 passenger ride


I thought GT4 race cars were essentially production cars with roll cages in them. I was wrong. 
Just how wrong becomes apparent when the Mercedes-AMG GT4 exits the pits at Sandown Raceway in a cacophony of diff chatter, transmission whine and V8 growl. Not even the GT R road car sounds half as angry as this.
It’s the first day of the 2019 F1 season and Mercedes Australia is throwing a little pre-practice party at Sandown, offering a chance to drive the updated Mercedes-AMG C63 S, sample its fancy new Track Pace app and, as the icing on the cake, go for a spin in the AMG GT4.
The true beauty of the GT4 is its maintenance schedule. The majority of the parts are lifed at 18,000km, or 18 consecutive Bathurst 1000s, though the gearbox and propshafts are checked at 12,000km.
An exception is the engine, which according to Wendl lasts, well, forever: “We tried to destroy an engine on the dyno and we stopped at 50,000km.” Key to this longevity is the fact the race car makes way less power than the road car.
Add in race-spec dampers that have a freakish ability to provide unbelievable body control yet soak up bumps and kerbs and clever electronics – not to mention a handy driver in the shape of Nathan Morcom – and it’s addictive before you even add 25 other cars fighting for the same piece of tarmac.
If you want to dip your toe into the waters of serious racing, or were just considering a GT R to use for track days, you might want to call AMG and sample a GT4 instead.
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